Textile Processing Rollers

Rubber Rollers are vital components in the Textile Industry, deployed in different production stages. Venus Rubbers understands the significant purpose and function it delivers during production. Considering customers' demands and technical requirements, we manufacture Textile Industry Rubber Rollers that uplift their seamless production capability.

Our products enable our customers to have a competitive edge in the industry. Friction between the roller and the textile product is essential to maintain throughout the stages. Rubber Rollers determine the critical time of production at the stages of weaving, dyeing, and spinning. Hence, we consider the technical requirements that enhance overall efficiency and productivity. As a Manufacturer of Rubber Rollers for the Textile Industry, our products are designed and engineered to withstand varying working conditions.

It is typical for a textile product to be produced using various chemicals. The Roller has to be ideal and not react with the chemicals. Our manufacturing technique and facility allowed us to manufacture world-class Rubber Rollers for Textiles with defined properties. Our products are durable and do not result in a change in the product when it is used in the long run. We have expertise in engineering conventional and tailor-made rollers that are compatible with installation in different ranges of machines. Based on the purpose and the field of application, our team suggests Rubber Rollers of the best specification to suit customer demands.

Roll coverings used in these applications withstand

  • High Temperatures Icon

    High Temperatures

  • Caustic Media Icon

    Caustic Media

  • Hot Wate Iconr

    Hot Water

  • Ozone Icon


  • Antistatic Property Icon

    Antistatic Property

  • Dynamic Properties Icon

    Dynamic Properties

Applications include

  • Bleaching
  • Mercerizing
  • Compacting
  • Sizing
  • Dyeing
  • Starching
  • Washing
  • Padding

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