Paper Industry Rollers

The paper industry rolls are primarily used in the dewatering, sizing, drying and calendaring processes. A wide range of rubber rollers, in a full range of hardness, are used to meet chemical resistance, high temperatures, coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance requirements of the paper making process. Common elastomers used include Nitrile, EPDM,Hypalon ,neoprene,Natural rubber & HNBR. The covers are designed to be chemical resistant, maintain the cover hardness at high temperatures, heat stability, abrasion resistance and to maintain the dynamic properties of rubber.

Types of Rolls Manufactured

  • Wire and Felt Rollers
  • Lump Breaker Rolls
  • Couch Rolls
  • Drive Rolls
  • Press Rolls,
    Centre Press Rolls
  • Suction Press &
    Blind Drilled Rolls
  • Size Press Rolls
  • Coater Backing Rolls

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